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Case Results

Over $215,000,000 Collected Hard fought. Hard earned. Battle Born. Benson & Bingham Accident Injury Lawyers, LLC is committed to maximizing recoveries on behalf of our clients. This is a list of past case results. Contact us today for to learn more about your case. 702.600.6000
$14 millon Bicycle Accident
$3.3 million Product’s Liability - Loss of Eye
$3.3 million Defective Product / Auto Injury
$2.9 million Wrongful Death
$2.65 million Semi / Commercial Accident
$2.25 million Garbage Truck Accident
$2.13 million Car Accident
$2.1 million Product Liability *
$2 million T-Bone Car Accident
$2 million Auto Rear End Accident
$1.95 million Taxi Accident Rear End
$1.54 million Tractor Trailer Accident
$1.33 million Commercial Semi Accident
$1.2 million Slip & Fall Injury
$1.19 million Rear End I-15 Freeway Accident
$1.1 million Medical Malpractice - OB-GYN
$1.01 million Tire Failure/Tread Separation
$1.01 million Rear End by Commercial Truck
$1 million Intersection accident w/ Uber
$1 million Tractor Trailer Accident
$1 million Low Impact Auto Accident
$1 million DUI Accident
$950 thousand T-Bone Car Accident
$900 thousand Defective Drug
$800 thousand Rollover Accident
$775 thousand Auto Accident - Minor
$750 thousand Rear-End Taxi Cab Accident
$750 thousand Rear End Car Accident
$631 thousand T-Bone Car Crash
$600 thousand Medical Malpractice
$550 thousand Casino Construction Accident
$525 thousand Rear End Semi Accident
$500 thousand Big Rig Accident - Client Cited
$500 thousand Rear End Accident
$500 thousand Rear End Accident
$500 thousand Leg Amputation / Slip and Fall
$500 thousand Elevator Accident
$475 thousand Rear End with Cervical Fusion
$425 thousand Accident with Drunk Driver
$425 thousand Wrongful Death - Parking Lot Accident
$425 thousand Rear End Accident
$420 thousand Negligent Traffic Safety Plan
$400 thousand Rear End Car Accident
$400 thousand Accident w/ Lost Cargo by Semi
$350 thousand Elevator Accident
$335 thousand Motor Vehicle Accident
$325 thousand Slip and Fall - Storm Drain
$300 thousand Rottweiler vs Senior Citizen
$300 thousand Forklift Accident
$300 thousand DUI Roll Over Accident
$300 thousand Animal Attack
$300 thousand Pedestrian Accident Leg Injury
$300 thousand Bicycle Accident
$300 thousand Non-Surgical Neck Injury - Auto Accident
$300 thousand Pedestrian Hit by Truck
$300 thousand Wrongful Death Policy Limits
$295 thousand Bus Accident
$290 thousand Rear End Tractor Trailer Accident
$280 thousand Assault
$275 thousand Pedestrian Accident
$275 thousand Motorcycle Accident
$275 thousand Go-kart Accident
$265 thousand T-Bone Auto Accident
$250 thousand Lower Back Injury
$250 thousand Slip and Fall Accident
$250 thousand Motor Vehicle Rear End Accident / Injury
$250 thousand Child w/ Microcephaly in MVA
$225 thousand Passenger in at Fault Taxi
$225 thousand Big Rig Passenger
$225 thousand Taxi Accident Passenger
$225 thousand Taxi Cab Accident - Passenger Foot Injury
$223 thousand Wheel Fell Off Truck Accident
$215 thousand Broken Chair Mishap
$210 thousand Rear Ended by Contractor
$200 thousand Dog Bite
$200 thousand Motorcycle Accident
$200 thousand Slip and Fall - Marble Floor
$195 thousand Casino Employee Negligence
$175 thousand Motorcycle Accident
$175 thousand Scooter Accident
$172 thousand Trip and Fall - Untacked Carpet
$165 thousand Good Samaritan Hit by DUI
$165 thousand Rear End- C.A.T. Bus Accident
$155 thousand Lower Back Injury Non-Surgical
$150 thousand Faulty Playground - Broken Arm
$125 thousand Medmal - Sponge Left in Body
$100 thousand Long Term Ins Disability Denial
$90 thousand Ski Area Accident
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