Two Pedestrians Injury Accidents Happen Within an Hour of Each Other

This Sunday, two separate injury pedestrian accidents occurred on separate sides of the Las Vegas Valley. Although the details of these two injury auto accidents are very similar, they happened completely independent of each other in different areas in Las Vegas and Henderson. Both pedestrians were walking outside of crosswalks at the time, and the severity of their injuries varies slightly. Both of these cases show the importance of following all traffic laws as a pedestrian, if you don’t you could end up in the hospital or worse, dead. Statistically speaking, when a pedestrian is hit by a car in Southern Nevada, the probability of it becoming a traffic fatality is extremely high. If you’ve been in a pedestrian injury accident in Las Vegas, it might be time to think about getting a lawyer.

Here are the details of each pedestrian accident:

The first pedestrian auto accident happened just after 8 pm on Sunday night. The car crash happened close to a Walmart on Boulder Highway in the southeast section of the Las Vegas valley, near South Nellis Boulevard. The Metropolitan Police Department responded almost immediately when they were alerted about the pedestrian injury. According to witnesses, the victim has been described as an older male and possibly homeless, aged somewhere in his sixties. The man was walking outside of the crosswalk in the southbound travel lane on Nellis Boulevard. According to Lt. Grant Rogers, who was interviewed after responding to the scene, the police consider the pedestrian at fault for the traffic incident.  The man was taken to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center to receive treatment for his critical injuries.

The second pedestrian hit by a car in central Las Vegas was also walking outside of the designated crosswalk. The injury auto accident happened roughly around 8:40 pm, while the pedestrian was crossing Charleston Boulevard close to Crestwood Avenue. The victim in this traffic incident was a 58-year-old male, and in this case, the car that hit him was a passing pickup truck. Again, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department responded to the accident and interviewed the pickup’s driver who stayed on the scene. The pedestrian in this accident was taken to University Medical Center with serious, life-threatening injuries. According to police, the man’s injuries were so severe that they are having the department’s fatal crash detail do a full investigation on the possible pedestrian traffic fatality.

Both of these serious pedestrian traffic accidents might have been avoided if the pedestrians had stayed within designated crosswalks and followed all Nevada traffic laws. Unfortunately, neither of these men will have grounds for a legal case because they were jaywalking and will most likely be deemed at fault for the crash. The only reasons they might not be cited would be if the drivers were driving under the influence, excessively speeding, or driving without their lights on. Just because these men don’t have a case to get financial support for their injuries, doesn’t mean you don’t.  If you or someone you care about has been hurt in a pedestrian auto accident or a pedestrian hit and run, you might have grounds to file a suit against the driver who caused the harm. Benson and Bingham are Las Vegas’s best personal injury attorneys and have years of experience working with pedestrian auto accident cases in Clark County.  They offer free consultations to be sure they understand the details of your case completely, and have three accessible locations in Summerlin, Las Vegas, and Henderson- so no matter where you experienced your accident, you’ll always have a lawyer close by. Review their handy personal injury law FAQs, and then contact Benson and Bingham to see if you’re entitled to financial compensation.

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