Two Injured In Las Vegas Taxi Accident

Although many people don’t know this, taxi-related auto accidents are an almost daily occurrence in Clark County. Las Vegas is a major tourist destination, and even though Uber and Lyft are now driving tourists to and from their locations, taxi cabs still rule the road in Southern Nevada. Taxis are prevalent in all parts of the Las Vegas Valley from Henderson to Summerlin and everywhere in-between,  but there is no area in Clark County that is more saturated with traffic from taxi cabs than the Las Vegas strip. Because of this, the majority of victims of Las Vegas injury taxi accidents are tourists visiting from other states of countries. Most often, when someone is hurt during or after riding in a taxi, it is when they’ve climbed out of the backseat and the taxi driver takes off to hurry to his or her next destination, crushing the victim’s foot with the wheel of the cab in the process. Foot injuries can be exceedingly painful and debilitating, considering the human foot has lots of very small bones that can need multiple surgeries and weeks in bed as the result of any kind of accident.

Just two night ago, on Monday, another injury auto accident involving a taxi and two passengers happened in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Metro Police Department was called in yet again to investigate a report of yet another cab driving in a way that is dangerous to it’s passengers and other cars, motorcycles, bikes, and pedestrians on Southern Nevada roads. In this particular accident, two people suffered from injuries as a direct result of the crash. The injury cab crash happened where so many other taxi traffic incidents do, right off of the Las Vegas strip. This taxi wreck took place on the north side of the Las Vegas Valley, just north of the strip on the cross streets of East Sahara Avenue and Paradise Road. What is abnormal about this serious injury taxi crash, is that the footage from the incident actually shows the cab get into the accident and then engage in a rollover. That’s right. The passengers in the cab at the time of the accident were injured while the cab lost control and rolled. On top of the physical injuries that these persons experienced, they will most likely have to endure mental trauma from being involved in such a traumatic event as a rollover with a driver who is a stranger. The details of this taxi-related auto accident that injured Las Vegas tourist passengers were relayed to a local Southern Nevada news source by a representative from the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, a Lieutenant named CJ Jenkins who responded to the scene of the crash.

The first thing to know if you, a friend, or family member is hurt by a taxi in Las Vegas is that you have rights. Taxi’s in Clark County are regulated by the Nevada Taxi Cab Authority and are held accountable for any mishaps, accidents, or injuries that happen in relation to their driving. Benson and Bingham have handled lots of cases of tourists being injured by a taxi while visiting Las Vegas, and know exactly how to help you build and win a case. In fact, Benson and Bingham have been recognized as the best personal accident and injury lawyers in Las Vegas, and serve both locals and visitors alike with experience and care. The second you’re hurt by a taxi in Southern Nevada, seek medical attention and then call Benson and Bingham to receive a free consultation right away.

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