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Were You Injured In A Bus Accident? Here Are 5 Easy Steps To Take:

Being involved in a bus crash can be a scary experience. Victims can have minor injuries or extensive injuries, or even be killed if the crash is severe enough. Buses are a very popular mode of transportation in Reno because many drivers do not want to navigate the crazy traffic and the endless stream of pedestrians crossing the streets. However, even buses can be involved in a vehicle accident.
It is important to know exactly what to do if you are faced with this situation. With the help of a Reno bus accident attorney, you will have the guidance you need to navigate filing a personal injury claim and receiving compensation for your injuries. If you or a loved one is injured in a bus accident in Reno, follow these steps:


Seek Immediate Medical Assistance After The Bus Collision

The first thing you need to do is assess yourself and the other passengers for injuries, and contact emergency services right away for assistance if needed. Even if you do not feel injured, it is imperative that you get a full medical evaluation as soon as possible to detect any unseen injuries. A medical report is also a necessary piece of evidence for your claim.

Seek Medical Assistance After The Bus Collision
Notify Your Auto Insurance Company About The Bus Accident In Reno

Notify Your Auto Insurance Company

It is important to notify your auto insurance company of the incident. Remember to be brief and do not offer more details than necessary, as any information you share can be used against you to lower your final settlement offer. Simply let them know about the accident, and refer them to your attorney for further information.


Request The Police Report From The Incident

When law enforcement arrives on the scene, they will take a full report of the accident including photos and witness statements. They will write up an official report concerning the accident for their records. You or your attorney are legally allowed to request a copy of the police report for your personal injury claim case.

Request The Reno Police Report From The Incident
Initiate A Free Consultation With A Reno Personal Injury Attorney

Initiate A Free Consultation With A Reno Personal Injury Attorney

Most personal injury law firms near you in Reno offer a completely free first consultation where you have the opportunity to discuss the situation in a confidential environment. The attorney will listen to your side of the story, view your photos and any other evidence you have on hand, and will present the legal options available to you.


Determine a Fair Settlement For Your Injuries

With the evidence provided to your Reno accidental injury lawyer, they will begin calculating the total amount of money you are entitled to receive. Factors such as your current and projected future medical bills, your pain and suffering, lost income, photos, witness statements, police report, and more will be considered as they determine how much you should receive.

Determine a Fair Settlement For Your Injuries With The Help Of Your Bus Accident Lawyers

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Why Hire Our Reno Bus Accident Injury Lawyers?

We’ll Provide The Legal Help You Need For Any Bus Accident Injury Claim

As a dedicated legal team, Benson & Bingham Accident Injury Lawyers, LLC demonstrates compassion, skill, and knowledge as we fight on your behalf. Our experienced Reno personal injury lawyers are equipped to guide you through every step of filling the claim, negotiating with insurance, and reaching a final settlement offer. Call Benson & Bingham today to schedule your free consultation with our legal team!

Types of Bus Accident Cases We Handle:

Transportation Company Accidents

Most buses that drive around Reno are employed by citywide transportation companies. Each of these companies is legally required to carry large insurance policies to cover any injuries that occur while on their buses, and property damage that passengers or other drivers experience in the event of a collision or accident. These companies also require general liability, collision coverage, underinsured coverage, and uninsured coverage in order to be able to transport passengers around the city. If you are curious about filing a claim against a transportation company, contact a Reno bus accident attorney.

Airport Shuttle Bus Accidents

The primary responsibility of the airport shuttle buses is to carry passengers back and forth between their hotels and their flights. They carry a strong presence in the city of Reno, and carry a strong potential for being involved in some sort of vehicle collision given that they run all day every day. If an airport shuttle bus is involved in a pedestrian collision, vehicle accident, multi car pileup, sideswipe, or rollover, their insurance company must foot the bill for the damages and injuries experienced by their passengers.

Tour Bus Accidents

The city of Reno sees countless tour buses daily as they shuttle passengers and tourists throughout the city, particularly the most popular and well-known parts. Drivers may be distracted by the tour they are giving, by noisy passengers, traffic lights and signs, pedestrians, parked cars, and the surrounding traffic, which can easily cause a collision. Tour bus companies carry hefty insurance policies that are well equipped to pay a settlement to any passengers injured by a distracted driver or accident.

School Bus Accidents

School bus accidents are commonly involved in rear endings because of their many, sudden stops to let students on and off. If surrounding drivers are distracted or in a hurry, they may not see the flashing lights or realize the bus is stopping again until it is too late. While school buses are quite large and will likely only experience minimal damage from a rear-ending, the responsible driver could be severely injured or their vehicle could be totaled. If the children on the bus are injured during an accident, the bus company is responsible for their medical bills.

RTC Bus Accidents

An RTC bus, or Road Transport Corporation vehicle, is a popular mode of transit in Reno and the rest of Nevada. They carry a large insurance policy that is well equipped to cover any compensation you deserve after being injured from an accident involving an RTC bus. Benson & Bingham has successfully represented clients injured in some way from an RTC bus, so we are prepared to defend your right to full compensation.

Charter Bus Accidents

Charter buses are an excellent option when in Reno. Many people enjoy using a charter bus to travel to the many casinos or shows in the Reno and Las Vegas areas. Because these are high traffic areas, chances are high that a charter bus will be involved in a vehicle collision at some point. If you or a loved one has been injured while riding a charter bus, you are eligible to be compensated. Benson & Bingham is an excellent resource for representation and legal guidance.

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When you choose Benson & Bingham Accident Injury Lawyers in Reno, you can rest assured that your case is in capable hands. For the past 20 years, we have helped countless Nevada residents get the settlement they deserve through confident negotiation and unmatched legal skill. Our personal dedication to our clients shows in everything we do. We will never pressure you to hire our services, but guarantee honest, comprehensive information about the options available to you. Click below to send a message to our Reno accidental injury law firm, and one of our attorneys will be in contact with you shortly!

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Client Testimonials

Best law firm! Thank you Benson & Bingham. I did my own research and found Benson & Bingham online. They lived up to their reviews. Special thank you to Cassidy for managing my case and my attorney Danielle.

John A. ★★★★★

I picked this place and I’m so glad that I did. Ida was very helpful and professional. If I had questions they were answered. I would definitely use them again in the future and I would definitely recommend them to anyone. Thank you for your service I appreciate it.

Charissa Vanblerkom ★★★★★

What I love about Benson & Bingham, especially from my attorney, Lina, I felt informed and cared for my health. She made sure I was ok at all times through my injury. I hate I had the accident, but it was comforting to know I was well taken care of.

Sandra Burke ★★★★★

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Recent Settlements & Victories

Recent Settlements And Victories For Traffic Accidents In Reno

Total Recovered

$500,000,000.00 $215,000,000 Total Recovered For Accident Injuries

Over the past 20 years, our Reno bus accident attorneys have recovered a collective $500 million in damages for our clients in personal injury cases. Call today to see how we can help you!

Bus Accident

$295,000.00 $295,000 Recovered In A Bus Accident Settlement

Benson & Bingham recently recovered $295,000 for a client injured in a bus accident in Reno. to cover past and present medical expenses, pain and suffering, decreased quality of life, and lost wages hours from work.


$165,000.00 $165,000 Recovered For A Rear End C.A.T. Bus Accident Settlement

We have successfully assisted a client in recovering $165,000 in compensation for injuries sustained in a rear-end collision with a C.A.T bus. We are prepared to provide you with the same level of assistance and support!

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Benson & Bingham Accident Injury Lawyers is proud to have a variety of convenient office locations throughout Reno and the surrounding cities. We believe clients who have been accidentally injured deserve to file a claim and receive a settlement for their pain and suffering. We offer everything from simple legal guidance to full-on litigation, so don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Understanding Nevada Bus Accident Laws & Liability

Liability in a bus accident depends on who or what caused the crash. If bus driver error caused the accident, the driver can be liable for injuries and damages. Drivers will generally pay damages through insurance companies. Nevada is an at-fault state, where responsible drivers pay for damages; therefore, if drivers of other vehicles were responsible, they will also pay damages, likely through insurance companies.
If a company or manufacturer or other entity caused your accident, that entity may be liable. Liability depends on responsibility and considers the potential of negligence. Drivers, companies, and manufacturers all owe a duty of care to people on the roadways and other areas. Drivers need to operate their vehicles safely and in accordance with traffic and other laws. Companies and manufacturers need to make sure that the vehicles are safe, well-maintained, and free of defect. If they find a problem, they need to fix it as promptly as possible. Companies and manufacturers also need to exercise reasonable care to determine if any safety problems exist, such as performing regular inspection and maintenance. Companies should also take care that drivers are trained and appropriately licensed.
If any of these parties don’t exercise their duty of care, or don’t fix problems within a reasonable amount of time, a court may determine that they breached the duty of ordinary care. If so, the court can find them negligent and thus responsible for damages that stem from the accident.

Nevada Is a Fault State

Nevada Is a Fault State

As a fault state, Nevada requires the person determined to be responsible for causing an accident to be held liable. As the party at fault, their insurance company is required to cover property damage, medical care, pain and suffering, and other damages caused by the collision. If they do not have automotive insurance, they will be held personally liable. Your attorney will work hard to provide compelling evidence that you deserve to be compensated and are not at fault.

Comparative Negligence Law

Many people do not realize that even if one party is partially responsible for causing a vehicle accident, they can still receive a settlement for their injuries under the comparative negligence law. This means that if one party is determined to be less than 50% at fault, they can receive compensation, and the other party will be required to pay the settlement. Your attorney will use evidence such as photos, police reports, medical reports, and witness testimonies to determine who was more at fault.

Comparative Negligence Law In Reno
Statute of Limitations for Nevada Motor Vehicle Accidents

Statute of Limitations for Nevada Motor Vehicle Accidents

The statute of limitations in Nevada for filing a personal injury claim due to a bus accident is two years from the date the injury was received. In some cases, the injuries are extensive enough that the victim may be unable to file a claim sooner. Sometimes injuries appear much later down the road that the victim didn’t even realize they had received, and they can be eligible for compensation from the bus company.

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Common Causes Of Bus Crashes

Heavy Traffic

A dense population and high tourist count leads to excessive vehicle traffic and increased use of buses or public transit systems. The traffic moves at various speeds, and drivers may be inexperienced in the city or simply new to being behind the wheel. Rear endings are quite common in heavy traffic areas.

Blind Spot Collisions

Buses are quite large and by nature have many blind spots. Changing lanes is a common cause of blind spot collisions, where the driver checked their mirrors but could not see a vehicle driving in their blind spot. Blind spot collisions are one of the most common accidents we see in Reno.

Driver Distraction & Falling Asleep

Long hours of driving a bus in heavy traffic can bring on excessive fatigue and mental exhaustion. A bus driver falling asleep at the wheel is a common cause of collisions and multi-car pileups, especially during staffing shortages and busy tourist seasons. If the driver has fallen asleep, they have zero reaction time while losing control of the bus.

Poor Weather Conditions

While Nevada is generally sunny and dry, inclement weather can pop up and wreak havoc on the traffic. Sudden rainstorms or foggy mornings can make it almost impossible to see cars ahead or behind the bus. Poor weather conditions are well known for increasing the number of vehicle collisions seen in Reno.

Vehicle Defects & Maintenance Issues

If a bus company has not kept up on consistent maintenance for their vehicles, or is unaware of defective and recalled parts, the company is showing negligence and will be held accountable for accidental injury caused by their actions. A bus with defective parts can lose control and stop working properly, posing a hazard.

Heavy Construction

Road construction requires traffic to be diverted into fewer, more narrow lanes, causing frustrated drivers, bumper to bumper traffic, and increased distractions for the drivers. These are common causes of vehicle and bus collisions in the busy Reno area, particularly when the lanes are simply too narrow for a bus to maneuver well.

Bus Driver Shortages/Untrained Drivers

If drivers are not properly trained or a company is heavily understaffed, they end up working long hours and can make poor decisions through fatigue or inexperience. Not only is this dangerous for the passengers on board, but it is hazardous for the bus driver and the surrounding vehicles.

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