Racing Causes Deadly Auto Accident in East Las Vegas

There are numerous offenses drivers commit when it comes to injury auto accidents in Clark County. People believe that their actions won’t impact others in Las Vegas, Summerlin, or Henderson and they behave as if drunk or reckless driving won’t hurt or kill other people on the road. There are countless Southern Nevada injury car crashes where the cause for the accident was completely preventable. And yet, Las Vegas locals and tourists alike lose their lives every year to others who insist on driving too fast or impaired without a thought to the families that will never see a father, brother or son again, or communities that will lose a mother, a teacher, a student, or a friend. When people behave in an inconsiderate or downright dangerous manner in Southern Nevada, and put other’s health and lives at risk by doing stupid things, they deserve to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Benson and Bingham take a hard stance on reckless driving and car wrecks caused by a DUI, and want to be sure that the innocent victims of these accidents, the people who end up being hurt or killed by other driver’s poor choices, are represented effectively to get the justice they deserve.

Just this last Tuesday in the east Las Vegas Valley, a serious injury car crash took place with dire consequences for the individuals involved in the accident. The details of the Clark County traumatic traffic incident are a bit unusual to say the least. It’s about 9pm in the evening in the middle of the Las Vegas Valley on a well populated street. Once car, a two door Acura from the early 1990’s is speeding up one side of Sahara Boulevard, traveling eastbound at an alarming rate. Suddenly, for no apparent reason according to the news report document this occurrence, the Acura loses control, flipping sideways and veering straight into oncoming traffic. The Acura was gong so fast that although the car rotated and was no longer connect all four wheels to the Southern Nevada road, it still had enough force to cross the center median and slam right into oncoming traffic going in the opposite direction. The car that was traveling westward on Sahara Road happened to be a very recent make of a Dodge Durango. According to the Las Vegas Metro Police Department Sergeant who responded to the scene, named Robert Stauffer, the Acura was propelled at such a high speed that when it crashed into the Dodge Durango, it tore completely in half on impact. Police on the seen believe that the force would have to have been very great to cause that kind of a collision, and that the Acura seemed to have been going at excessive speed for the Las Vegas road.

The two people, a driver and a passenger, in the Dodge Durango were injured in the Las Vegas traffic incident, and had to be rushed to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center where they were hospitalized for their injuries. The two individuals who were in the Acura, a driver and a passenger, were not so lucky. One person was ejected from the car upon impact and died at the scene of the auto accident in Southern Nevada. The second person was also rushed to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center in critical condition and later died at the hospital. Witnesses at the scene and other evidence collected from the crash indicate that the Acura may have been involved in street racing. The identities of the deceased will be released once the Clark County Coroners Office contacts the next of kin. This is the third and fourth traffic fatality in Las Vegas in 2018.

If you were involved in a serious injury auto accident in Clark County where the other driver was engaged in reckless behavior, such as DUI, talking on a cell phone, or street racing, you need to find a local attorney who takes a strong stance on such actions. Benson and Bingham are the best injury accident lawyers in Las Vegas, and have the knowledge and experience needed to represent your case well. You could be entitled to significant compensation for your injuries. Don’t allow people who act irresponsibly to get away with their careless actions. Contact Benson and Bingham to get the justice you deserve, today.

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