Pedestrian Killed by Truck in East Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Metro Police Department had a tough job this morning, after responding to a gruesome pedestrian accident in the east side of the Las Vegas valley. Pedestrian related car crashes are on the rise in Southern Nevada, and last year was recognized as the deadliest year on record for those who walk on or across Clark County roads. Advocates for better infrastructure and city oversight are actively trying to make the roads safer for those not in motor vehicles, with most attention to pedestrians, those on bicycles, and individuals on mopeds, but the attempts at reform these community leaders are pushing didn’t come soon enough for one Las Vegas resident. The pedestrian fatality rate in Las Vegas, Henderson, and Summerlin impacts children, the elderly, tourists, and those from lower socio-economic backgrounds in greater numbers than it effects Clark County’s more affluent and prototypical citizens. With regards to the accident that we at the Benson and Bingham blog are reporting on now, this statistic rings true. It was an elderly woman who was the latest victim of some of the most dangerous areas in Southern Nevada for for those who travel on foot this sunny Sunday morning. However, because the the pedestrian hit by a car in Las Vegas took place in broad daylight in a busy residential neighborhood, there were several Clark County locals who witnessed this terrible event and took time out of their day to inform police and give small interviews to the regional Southern Nevada media about what they saw.

The details of the most recent pedestrian death in Clark County go like this. An elderly woman local to the east side of the Las Vegas valley decided to take a leisurely stroll to the park near her home. The woman was in her nineties, but was still mobile enough with her walker to take the stroll and get some fresh air. She was crossing the street at McLeod near Desert Inn Road when she was run over by a white truck. The white truck was traveling southbound on McLeod and being driven by another Las Vegas local, a man in his sixties, who appeared not to see the little old lady or her walker as she was trying to cross. For our readers who should be cautioned for graphic content, the next sentence could be unsettling for some. According to sources who saw the pedestrian fatality taking place say the truck ran over the woman, and then she was dragged behind the motor vehicle for a short distance.The deadly auto accident involving a pedestrian was reported just after 9:45 in the morning this Sunday.  Two witnesses gave their accounts of the accident, both women who lived around the east Las Vegas area that the car crash and pedestrian fatality took place. One woman, named Mary Caufield, resides in the neighborhood adjacent to the crash and was pretty unnerved by the details of this tragic event. “I just couldn’t believe it,” Caufield said, “I’ve been here thirteen or fourteen years and I’ve never seen anything like it.” Representatives from the Las Vegas Metro Police Department said the woman was crossing the street about 500 feet from the closest crosswalk when she was struck. The elderly woman later died at the scene of the accident. The driver of the truck remained at the scene of the Las Vegas pedestrian car crash and complied with police. Drugs or alcohol are not believed to be a cause of this accident at this time. Most sources indicated that the elderly woman was traveling to Winchester Park, to enjoy the beautiful Las Vegas weather.

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