Pedestrian Hit by Taxi Lucky to Escape Serious Injury

For the last several weeks here on the Benson and Bingham blog, it seems like every other post is detailing a terrible accident involving someone walking in or outside a crosswalk and being struck by a car. What’s worse, the majority of these serious Southern Nevada pedestrian auto accidents result in the pedestrian (and sometimes car passengers) being hurt or killed in the accident. We’ve even recounted how some activists in the Las Vegas Valley are trying to create a petition that would encourage legislation to limit the number of Clark County pedestrian deaths every year. This is a really alarming trend any way you look at it. It’s something that we’ve covered time and time again. Unfortunately, it looks like the pedestrian traffic accident incidences in Henderson, Summerlin, or Las Vegas will keep on happening throughout the rest of the year and into 2018. If you or someone you know has been hit by a car while walking anywhere in Southern Nevada, we urge you to tell them to find themselves an experienced lawyer. Many times, if a pedestrian is following the law and gets struck by a moving vehicle, the injury and suffering can be extreme to debilitating. No one deserves to suffer like that, and that’s just talking about the injury prior to the victim having to take time off of work and pay for their medical bills. Really, working with a responsible attorney is the best way to make sure all of your bases are covered and you start the road to recovery knowing that you may not have to pay a huge cost just to recover from this horrible type of Las Vegas pedestrian injury accident. When you’re thinking about seeking help through excellent representation, Benson and Bingham should be your first choice.

With all of this preamble, it should come as no surprise to our readers that there was another (yes, another) pedestrian accident in the Las Vegas valley last week. If you follow our blogs, then you’ll know that there are a couple of areas in Clark County that tend to be hot spots for pedestrian injuries and traffic fatalities. The city is teaming with areas that are inhospitable for people on foot or riding their bikes, either due to congestion, limited crossing opportunities, poor street lighting, or high speeds. There are just some locations in Las Vegas that are downright dangerous for Las Vegas locals and tourists alike to be traveling by foot. One of these places, as is well known to people who frequent Las Vegas, is an area that sees a lot of traffic, the Las Vegas Strip. The pedestrian injury accident happened right on the Las Vegas Strip on Las Vegas Boulevard, really close to the cross section where the casino The Flamingo faces the street. Enshrined in an otherworldly pink glow furnished by the copious amount of lighting used by the resort, the man was attempting to cross the street outside of the crosswalk when he was hit by a common service in Las Vegas, a taxi. That’s right. This man was trying to cross Las Vegas Boulevard later in the evening, just after one in the morning to be exact, when he was hit by a cab. The Las Vegas taxi pedestrian accident took place last Thursday, but it’s probably not the last one of the year with Christmas and New Years festivities right around the corner. The pedestrian did suffer a minor injury on his foot, but knowing how Southern Nevada pedestrian motor vehicle crashes usually go, he’s lucky to be alive.

Like we said above, if something like this happens to you, you need to reach out to a qualified attorney right away. Benson and Bingham have been recognized as the best accident and injury lawyers in Las Vegas by their clients and peers, and have the skills and experience needed to represent your case in the best way possible. You don’t need to suffer any more than you already have, so why look any further to work with legal counsel who isn’t the absolute best in the business. If you or a loved one has been in a pedestrian or taxi related accident, call Benson and Bingham to schedule a free consultation right now.

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