Motorcyclist Killed in Las Vegas Strip Accident

Many people flock to the Las Vegas Strip all year round. Tourists have seen it in movies and are excited by the glamour, the lights, and the fancy cars and limos that seem to be a permanent fixture on Las Vegas Boulevard. People pull in to the parking area that lines the walkway to the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, causing traffic to slow down or stop completely. Onlookers snap pictures to showcase their lavish lives on Instagram and Facebook, driving recklessly in the process. Others are distracted by the sky-high casinos and their thousands of flashing lights in a million colors, meant to draw attention and detract from the road. It’s a well known fact in Sin City that those are the areas to avoid if you’re a local who’s driving, but sometimes those areas are unavoidable. For many Nevada natives, you work on or near the strip, or you visit from time to time to partake in the shows, shopping, dining, or nightlife scene that makes the spot such an attractive tourist destination. One Las Vegas local did just that, and ended up losing his life.

Right where we laid the scene above, just outside of that Welcome to Las Vegas sign parking area a deadly crash occurred. The traffic fatality happened just last week, on Thursday night, during rush hour traffic. A man on a motorcycle was killed when his bike crashed right into a limo. The motorcycle injury accident in Las Vegas happened during peak rush hours, right after 5 in the evening.  When officers from the Las Vegas Metro Police Department responded to the scene, they found the injury auto accident backing up traffic just south of the recognizable and iconic sign, in the southbound lane of Las Vegas Boulevard.  According to representatives from the Las Vegas Police Department, the limo had just exited a parking lot and had six passengers in the back. The limo was pulling onto the Southern Nevada thoroughfare when the motorcycle crashed. The officers on the scene now believe that the motorcyclist presumed that the limo was going to pull directly in front of it and baked hard, causing his bike to flip onto its side before hitting the limo. The impact of crashing into the limo threw the motorcycle rider off of the bike, causing him to fly off and smack straight into a semi. Unfortunately, the motorcyclist didn’t survive the impact. He has been identified as being 38 years old, but his name is being withheld until the next of kin are notified.  According to representatives from the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, neither the limo or the motorcycle were driving at excessive speeds, and mentioned that ejections are often deadly for motorcyclists, regardless of the speed they’re going.  Las Vegas Metro also noted that there were substantial witnesses to the deadly Nevada motorcycle accident, and they directed them all onto a public bus that was parked on the side of the road, to both be interviewed and kept warm as police conducted their investigation.

Although the examination of these events are still ongoing by investigators, one thing is clear; if you or someone you hold dear is hurt in circumstances like the story above, you need to get a good lawyer. The experienced attorneys at Benson and Bingham treat every client with patience and compassion, knowing that each person has already endured enough to end up having to go through the ordeal of making a case in court. They have worked on numerous injury motorcycle accident cases in Southern Nevada, and have the skills you need to get your case taken care of quickly and efficiently. When someone you love has been injured in Las Vegas, they deserve to be cared for by an expert. Benson and Bingham are ready to consult you on your next steps, so pick up the phone and schedule some time with them at your earliest convenience. They stand ready and willing to help you get the compensation you deserve.

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