Las Vegas Woman Dies After Being Injured in Moped Accident

We’ve covered many injury auto accidents in Las Vegas over the last several years. Whether you or someone you know is hurt, at fault, or killed in an injury or non-injury accident in Clark County, getting in a car crash can change your life. Being in a car can be dangerous on Southern Nevada roads. Being on a moped, bicycle, or walking as a pedestrian can be even more dangerous, according to a report published by Zero Fatalities Nevada, a nonprofit focused on eliminating deaths resulting from traffic accidents on Nevada roads and walkways.  A local woman from Las Vegas is the most recent in a string of traffic fatalities happening in Las Vegas, Henderson, and Summerlin this summer.

The initial collision took place two weeks ago, on the corner of South Eastern Avenue and East Flaming Boulevarde. A car hit a woman driving her moped in Southern Nevada on the morning of July 6th around 8:40 am. The woman, a Las Vegas resident named Stacey Peters dies Thursday after being hit by a car on her motor scooter. Although the Las Vegas Metro Police Department is holding off from calling this a traffic fatality, they did make an official statement about the death and will be waiting for the official coroner’s report. The initial car accident was a hit and run in the Las Vegas Valley. A gray sedan struck Peters on her moped as she was traveling east and left the scene. She was immediately transported to Sunrise hospital with critical injuries from the auto accident, but Las Vegas Metro Police Department did not deploy the fatality detail because they did not believe at the time that the injuries would be life-threatening. Motorcycles and mopeds can often be the victims of auto accidents in Clark County because their smaller stature makes seeing them challenging for drivers. Even though driving a moped may be the most economical option when it comes to paying for gas, it can really cost you if you’re ever in an accident. From medical bills to possibly costing you your life, experiencing a moped accident on Clark County roads can be really expensive.

As a result of this accident, one family is left grieving in Southern Nevada. As we’ve said, riding a moped can be very dangerous in Las Vegas. Although this can be a really challenging time for friends and family of the victims of traffic fatalities, Benson and Bingham take pride in helping families of the deceased get some semblance of comfort and compensation in the wake of these tragedies. The best thing you can do in these times is to get a free consultation from a qualified and experienced attorney. If you are dealing with an onslaught of medical bills or are tapped out from missing work after an accident, Benson and Bingham can help! We specialize in working with people who are injured in auto accidents and can let you know if you have a case and are entitled to compensation. Contact Benson and Bingham Attorneys at Law to set up a free consultation in one of our easy to get to offices in Henderson, Las Vegas, and Summerlin. We look forward to hearing from you!

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