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Suffering a serious brain injury often leads to lifelong challenges and struggles that require ongoing medical care and treatment. Depending on the location of the injury in the brain, treatment might include one or more types of therapy to regain lost functions such as cognitive abilities, speech, and senses. Brain injury victims often struggle to find gainful employment, if they can even work at all. Additionally, continued medical expenses pile up and place extra financial stress on households, especially when a brain injury victim contributed to the household income before the injury.

If you live in the Las Vegas area and suffered a brain injury, or your child suffered a brain injury because of another party’s actions, Nevada law permits you to sue for losses incurred as a result of the injury. Our personal injury lawyers can help. Learn more about seeking compensation after a brain injury by contacting the experienced Las Vegas Brain Injury Lawyers at Benson & Bingham at (702) 382-9797 for a free consultation to discuss how they can get you the results you need.

Benson & Bingham’s Results in Personal Injury Cases

The personal injury attorneys at Benson & Bingham have decades of experience advocating for personal injury victims, including those who have suffered brain injuries as a result of another party’s negligence. In addition to negotiating and settling personal injury cases, the firm’s award-winning legal team includes skilled litigators who can take the fight to the courtroom when settlement isn’t an option.

Benson & Bingham’s dedication to professional excellence and seeking justice has resulted in more than $500 million in settlements and verdicts for their clients. Recent case results range from $90,000 to more than $3 million. Each case has distinct circumstances that contribute to its value, so it’s impossible to guarantee an outcome. But the qualified brain injury attorneys at Benson & Bingham will go the extra mile to maximize your chances of a possible outcome for your case.

Causes of Brain Injuries

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) result in approximately 300,000 hospitalizations across the nation each year. This also includes more than 20,000 children. The most common brain injury causes vary across age group with elderly adults over age 75 and young toddlers especially vulnerable. Below are some of the most frequently reported causes of brain injuries in Nevada, throughout the country:

  • Unintentional falls cause 80 percent of brain injuries in older adults, according to the CDC. Toddlers who are learning to walk are also at risk of falling and sustaining a brain injury.
  • Traffic collisions including car accidents, truck crashes, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, and bicycle accidents can lead to serious head traumas resulting in a brain injury.
  • Childbirth can lead to brain injuries when doctors misuse delivery tools or fail to monitor fetal health.
  • Playing full-contact sports such as football, boxing, martial arts, rugby, hockey, and others where players receive regular blows to the head can cause mild or moderate concussions, and sometimes severe traumatic brain injuries.
  • Product liability cases that involve defective products could cause explosions or accidents can lead to a brain injury and result in lifelong complications.
  • Abuse, assault, and other types of intentional harm can lead to a severe brain injury, and infants are at risk for Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Long-term Impact of Brain Injuries

Some long-term impacts of a brain injury might be avoided when victims receive immediate medical treatment. Yet, even rapid responses still won’t help the most severe injuries. Babies and children especially face extra risk because their brains are still developing. Additionally, infants and toddlers cannot communicate pain and other symptoms of brain injuries, so parents might take months or years to notice the impact of an injury. According to the CDC, the potential long-term impact of a brain injury can include:

  • Challenges with cognitive functions such as memory and learning
  • Challenges with senses such as eyesight loss, hearing loss, and numbness
  • Struggles with speech and communication
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Noticeable personality changes, especially a tendency towards aggressive behavior
  • Permanent vegetative state (PVS)

Recovering Losses After Sustaining a Brain Injury

The Las Vegas brain injury attorneys at Benson & Bingham evaluate many aspects of your case to determine what losses you might recover in a personal injury lawsuit. If you bring suit against those liable for your brain injury, you might recover the following economic and non-economic losses in a settlement or from a verdict in your favor:

  • Medical treatment costs for ambulance and emergency services, hospitalization, medications, followup care, diagnostic imaging, and surgery
  • Future medical costs for long-term care as a result of permanent disability or catastrophic injuries
  • Expenses for assistive devices like wheelchairs and specialized technology to help with communication and other cognitive functions
  • Lost wages and benefits from time away from work due to a brain injury, treatment, and recovery
  • Future lost wages when a brain injury prevents a child from gaining meaningful employment as an adult, or an adult victim cannot return to their job
  • Physical and mental pain and suffering
  • Quality of life considerations
  • Impacts on relationships between the victim and his or her spouse, parents, and/or children

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Las Vegas Brain Injury LawyersAt Benson & Bingham we understand and are empathetic to the challenges that accompany a severe brain injury. We are here to help you during this difficult time. We handle brain injury cases on a contingency fee basis, which means you do not pay attorney fees up front. Instead, we deduct our fees from any settlement or court-awarded damages you receive.

If you, your child, or other loved one has experienced a brain injury as a result of another party’s negligence or intentional harm, let Benson & Bingham handle the details of your injury claim, while you focus on healing. Our award-winning Las Vegas brain injury attorneys can guide clients through the lawsuit process and uncover the details of the event that caused their brain injury, building the strongest possible case for each client’s circumstances. Contact Benson & Bingham online or at (702) 382-9797 to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help you in the wake of a brain injury.

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