Elderly Woman Latest Victim of Slip and Fall Injury

A slip and fall is something that can happen to anyone at anytime. In Las Vegas there have been so many instances of people having some serious accidents and becoming hurt as the result of someone else’s negligence or just common oversight. In terms of the quantity of Southern Nevada accidents that result in injury, a slip and fall incident is the second most common, only second to an injury auto accident on Clark County roads. Ice, water, oil, and other out of place substances and debris can cause an unexpected surprise for patrons of stores, gas, stations, parking lots, sidewalks, and hotels and casinos on the Las Vegas strip. It may seem unusual to our readers who are hailing from other cities or even countries, but the top location for slip and fall claims in Southern Nevada is at a hotel, casino, or resort as a patron, guest, or visitor to Las Vegas Boulevard and surrounding areas known for their attractions. Sometimes the way that a hotel or resort may respond to such claims is to try to implicate the patron of their establishment, attempting to paint their guests as drunk or intoxicated and therefor at fault. It’s a broad brush to use for the fine people, Las Vegas locals and tourists alike who frequent their properties, and an unfair assessment for those who simply head to the strip for the world-class entertainment, dining, or shopping options made available there. A slip and fall injury accident in Las Vegas is nothing to brush off, contact someone who has your best interests at heart to represent your case in the right way.

Although the most recent report of a person being the victim of a slip and fall injury that would most likely be considered negligence in the eyes of the law didn’t get hurt in Las Vegas, this report is still relevant to the many Las Vegas locals and visitors who are hurt in slip and fall accidents every year. The details of the case are simple. An elderly women filed a suit in central California, Nevada’s neighboring state, against her retirement home. The assisted living center in question failed to prevent her slip and fall accident, which resulted in her injury and her need to be examined by a doctor and placed under medical care. The elderly woman reportedly told staff at her assisted living center that she really needed help to stay upright while showering, and the staff at the center denied her that support and just the routine supervision that is so important for vulnerable populations like the young and the elderly. As the elderly patient of the assisted living center was attempting to shower, she slipped on the slick bathroom floor and fell hard, causing her to file a claim against the company, sighting negligence in her care. Although the court has yet to hear the case, we know that a similar slip and fall case in Clark County would be taken seriously by the judge and prosecuted according to the facts and level of failed oversight the business provided. If this situation is anything like the many slip and fall injury cases in Las Vegas Benson and Bingham work on every year, then we know that the elderly woman is likely to receive a favorable outcome.

Benson and Bingham care deeply about their cases, treating clients as unique people and never as merely a case number. Benson and Bingham attorneys at law have been widely considered the best personal injury lawyers in the Las Vegas valley with three easy to reach locations in Summerlin, Henderson, and Las Vegas, so they are easy to get to no matter what part of Southern Nevada is most convenient for you. Beyond that, Benson and Bingham has worked on numerous slip and fall injury claims in Clark County, and have a deep understanding of slip and fall, and negligence laws in the state of Nevada. They stand ready to help you take the first steps towards being compensated accordingly for your pain. Don’t let some bussiness or big corperation make you look like the bad guy, hire Benson and Bingham and get tough on those who have allowed you to be hurt on their watch.

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