Check Your Fire Extinguisher- Over 40 Million Involved in Product Recall

Product recalls are a specialized area of law where liability is called into question for manufacturers and retailers. In this case, a particularly important product is being recalled with serious consequences for buyers if they end up with a defective product. Can you imagine a piece of safety equipment that you only use in an emergency that you absolutely need to work when you pull it out? If you pictured a fire extinguisher, then you have a gruesome yet accurate imagination. This recall stands to impact millions of consumers. because the fire extinguisher being recalled has been on the market for over four decades. The exact number of fire extinguishers being pulled off the market is an astounding 40 million. There’s no telling how many dangerous faulty fire extinguishers in Las Vegas will be included in this massive recall, but you can bet those numbers are probably in the hundreds if not thousands. The reason for the huge quantities of fire extinguishers being recalled from homes and shelves is, according to a recent news report on the subject, is because they might not work in an emergency. Let that sink in. Las Vegas locals stand to be injured or killed because at the time of a Clark County fire, their trust fire extinguisher may be defective.

This case of faulty products being recalled in Las Vegas and all over the country is already linked to at least one victim’s death, according to a notice from the US Consumer Product Safety Commision. The brand of the defective fire extinguisher is Kiddie, a long-time manufacturer of the product.  The defective product that may have liability in many injuries and deaths is also related to another case in 2014 where first responders attempted to use the fire extinguisher but it failed to function properly as they were attempting to save the lives of people stuck inside a car after it was in a crash and caught on fire. The recall actually covers over 140 models of Kiddie’s push-button type plastic handle fire extinguisher which has been in production all the way from 1973 through August 15 of this year. With a number of extinguishers available on the market and in the production of this brand and model, another situation where someone is hurt or killed by use of defective good is almost sure to happen. The recall also includes the same models of defective products that had been recalled in May of 2009 and again in February of 2015. With a history like that, there is a very strong likelihood that Kiddie and their dangerous, defective fire extinguishers will be the center of a product liability lawsuit soon.

If you or someone you love has encountered a defective good or product or has been hurt by something that was recalled in Las Vegas, Henderson, and Summerlin- the best thing you can do is contact an attorney. Product liability cases have a very specific way of being examined, where the burden of proof is on the consumer. That means that it’s crucial to work with a seasoned Las Vegas product liability lawyer, like those at Benson and Bingham attorneys at law, to direct your case and provide the best representation in the Las Vegas valley. Recalls and defective products can cause serious harm to you and your family. If this happens to you, call Benson and Bingham right away. You may deserve compensation from the company who allowed defective, dangerous products to be on the market.

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