Body Cameras on Law Enforcement is a Law in Nevada

With the advent of technology and the every present eye in the sky, it is important to note that earlier this year a bill was passed specifying all Nevada law enforcement, including cops and sheriffs, are required to wear portable recording devices while on duty.  Governor Brian Sandoval signed twelve bills regarding this and other similar measures on May 24th of 2018, making the use of body cameras a mandatory law to be enforced by nearly all law enforcers in the State of Nevada.  The law was brought into effect in July of 2017 for the adoption of these rules and as of July 1st of this year the institution of these practices for all other purposes are now mandatory.

Senate Bill 176 was one of the bills passed, which states according to the Nevada State Legislative website that:

>  AN ACT relating to public safety; requiring certain peace officers to wear a portable event recording device while on duty; requiring certain law enforcement agencies to adopt policies and procedures governing the use of portable event recording devices; revising provisions relating to the imposition and maximum amount of a surcharge which may be collected in certain counties used for the enhancement of the telephone system for reporting an emergency; providing that such a surcharge may also be used for the purpose of purchasing and maintaining portable event recording devices and vehicular event recording devices; and providing other matters properly relating thereto.

A similar law was passed in 2015 for the equipment of Nevada Highway Patrol officers with the Metropolitan Police Department following suit shortly after, however as of this July 1st it is now required on all officers that interact with the public.  Funding of these devices are paid in portion by the surcharge residents of the state pay for 911 services, with the remainder to be paid within the budgets allocated to law enforcement divisions within the State.  Of course enforcement of these laws is another matter, however police departments throughout the state are cracking down on these measures with more and more rigor.

So this fourth of July, be aware that officers on duty are in fact recording everything that is said or done during the celebrations that occur throughout the State of Nevada.  While damaging evidence of impropriety or wrongful acts by individuals may be corroborated with the footage these cameras record, it is also important to note that so are wrongful transgressions or the abuse of power of these individuals also recorded in the event of  an altercation or crime.  Individuals who believe they were wrongfully treated or even abused by law enforcement now have a means of corroborating this evidence with the same technology that is used to incriminate them.  If this is the case, it is important that this footage and potentially other footage recorded by surrounding officers is obtained and documented in a timely fashion.  Similar to store or casino cameras, this footage is not kept indefinitely; in fact, videos or recordings by officers may be deleted after 15 days of them being shot.  Accordingly, it would be wise to consult with an attorney who may help you obtain  this data as quickly as possible to preserve the evidence in the event of abuse and the need for litigation.  The attorneys at Benson & Bingham have a long history with obtaining such footage, from casino or commercial operators to taxi cab dash cameras.  If you believe you have been a victim of such abuse, contact one of Benson & Bingham’s three locations for a free consultation directly with one of our attorneys.

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